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Our Brand

Nu-Bloom was formed by a collective of healthcare professionals, dedicated to making the rhinoplasty post op care and recovery journey that bit more comfortable, smoother and ultimately more successful for their clients.

Inspired by the brave patients entering the world of cosmetic surgery and committing to fixing the bodily parts that ailed them - we heard their stories of what they wanted to change about their physical appearance, and more importantly WHY.

We also heard rhinoplasty patients say that there were no after-care products out there (other than some vitamins and supplements) that were uniquely designed for nose job recovery.

With that in mind, the initial product, the Nu-Bloom Rhinoplasty Recovery Kit was born.


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Recover from Rhinoplasty 


Nu-Bloom is the realisation of dreams, passion, love and care. Our company was created especially for cosmetic surgery patients by experienced health professionals.

Lou Hunter, CEO Nu-Bloom


How we come to success

Jake Girton, Senior Nurse Practitioner Nu-Bloom

We're a fast-growing company that's passionate about our customers and patients, our business and the unique product we sell. There's a real, highly trained person behind each recovery kit that we ship and behind every interaction, we have with you - because we want to share our commitment for health, wellness and recovery with the world.

Dr. M Kassi, Consultant Nu-Bloom

Patients worldwide love our kit because it is a highly specialised product designed exclusively for rhinoplasty recovery. Plus, with a friendly and knowledgeable customer care team and fast worldwide shipping, we're dedicated to making the after-care of cosmetic surgery patients that little easier.


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