Nu-Bloom Rhinoplasty Recovery Kit

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The Rhinoplasty Recovery Kit is designed to be both beautiful and functional, and aid in the recovery after rhinoplasty. Containing 8 individual products, not only is it perfect for your...


The Rhinoplasty Recovery Kit is designed to be both beautiful and functional, and aid in the recovery after rhinoplasty.

Containing 8 individual products, not only is it perfect for your rhinoplasty post-op care needs, the unisex gift box makes for a great present – whether you are treating yourself or a loved one.

After you have had surgery, you will be in no fit state to be dashing off to your local pharmacy to try to get supplies. You may even be unsure as to what exactly you will need!

Here, gorgeously packaged and presented, is a range of carefully chosen products - exceptionally researched and selected to provide maximum benefit and comfort after rhinoplasty surgery.

Whether you need some assistance with monitoring your temperature or managing your medication, help to sleep comfortably, drink safely or re-dress and clean your wound – this post-surgery gift box has you covered! (It even will make a handy first aid box additions when your recovery is complete).

The products were also selected to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible: by sourcing sustainably with our bamboo, organic cotton buds and using superior, non- plastic ingredients whenever possible: such as our stainless-steel straws.

Small actions can have a significant impact on us and the planet. Plastic pollution involves the accumulation of plastic products in the environment that adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habitat, and humans. We want to do our bit for the earth, and as such we choose natural bamboo and durable stainless steel over plastic alternatives.

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Nose job AFTERCARE kit


Luxury gift box features 8 essential post-operative products for safe and comfortable rehabilitation after cosmetic surgery.

gift for someone who has had a nose job


Digital thermometer, neck pillow, sterile gauze pads, hypo-allergenic surgical tape, cotton buds, stainless steel straws, medication organiser box and organic lip balm.

save time Rhinoplasty Recovery Kit

SAVE TIME, MONEY and ENERGY shopping for the products you think you may need

It is all here in one beautifully presented gift box.

recover at home after rhinoplasty surgery


Care for yourself safely after your rhinoplasty surgery with sterile products – these fundamental items are necessary post operatively and useful for future first aid requirements Unlike plastic surgery, you can recover at home.

ECOLOGICALLY SOURCED rhinoplasty surgery recovery kit items


Where possible, we have selected organic, natural products and alternatives to toxic plastic - for comfort for you and the planet.

LIP BALM for rhinoplasty recovery


One thing that surprises many rhinoplasty patients is how dry their mouth gets and then how cracked their lips become consequently. After nose surgery, you’ll have to breathe exclusively out of your mouth for several days. This leads to a parched mouth and very dry lips – and we’re not talking about slightly dry, but probably the worst dryness you’ve ever felt in your life!

• Nu-Bloom's natural, nourishing lip balm helps keep your lips from drying and cracking.

• Soothes and repairs damaged and dehydrated lips.

• Suitable for sensitive skin as it is hypo-allergenic and paraben-free.

• Made purely from protective beeswax, olive oil, jasmine oil and Vitamin E, it clings to the lips without the need for constant topping up.

drinking straws for rhinoplasty recovery


The last thing you want to do is risk painfully knocking your new nose when taking a sip of water – and so, it is essential that you use these straws when having a drink. Our straws are made from food-grade stainless steel and are a great eco-friendly, safe and durable alternative.

• During the recovery phase, protect knocking it by drinking with a straw.

• Easy to clean using the cleaning brush.

• Minimal impact on the planet during production – they will last forever.

neck pillow for rhinoplasty recovery


Using our unique U–shaped pillow keeps the head and neck in the neutral position, so you can rest in a semi-upright position post-surgery and reduce the risk of knocking your nose when sleeping. Our luxurious inflatable pillow features an easy to inflate / deflate design. Easy to blow up. You can determine the height and firmness of the pillow, thereby adjusting your neck to the most comfortable angle for sleeping and breathing.

• The soft velvet pillowcase cover is washable and can be easily removed and laundered so it remains hygienic and can be safely used time and time again.

• Equipped with a side pocket – perfect for popping in headphones or earplugs so they can be easily accessed.

• Easy to Use – quick deflation through a special air valve. The pillow can be folded and put into a unique travel bag, which is also included.

DIGITAL THERMOMETER for rhinoplasty recovery


Post-surgery and once back at home, you're going to want an accurate clinical thermometer to keep a check on your temperature. If you start getting chills, or unexpectedly sweating, you need to know if you have a fever and, if so, report it to your doctor right away. Nu-Bloom’s electronic digital thermometer is accurate (reading to within 0.1 ℃) and easy to use. Featuring a soft, flexible tip, it also comes with its own case to keep it hygienic and perfect for travel. It is also waterproof and straightforward to clean.


After surgery, you will likely have a combination of prescribed medication such as pain relief medication and antibiotics to take, alongside any additional supplements you may choose to add in safely. Anaesthesia can cause side effects ranging from nausea and headaches to mild confusion and disorientation - other than the initial ‘grogginess’. For these reasons, we know that a compartmentalised medication box is a handy item to have post-surgery. Our circular rotating pill box is easy to use – just open the lid and press the central button, the compartment can be changed to the next automatically.

• Easy touch, push-button access to compartments.

• See-through cover for clear medication identification.

• A simple way to effectively organize your medicine.

• Small & Lightweight - made from Food-Grade Material, FDA Certified, BPA free.

COTTON BUDS for nose job recovery


After rhinoplasty surgery, using cotton buds will gently help clean in and around the nose.

Nu-bloom’s precision swab, cotton buds are double ended and made from soft organic cotton mounted on a bamboo stem.

Our double tipped cotton buds feature 2 different shaped ends, which are suitable for sensitive skin and delicate use after surgery. The cotton of the bud will not lose its shape, fall off or drop threads.

We use bamboo rather than plastic for the stem - as not only is bamboo an incredibly fast-growing resource, it is cultivated without requiring pesticides or chemical fertilisers, and of course, the buds can be disposed of in your compost bin instead of the garbage bin, so it minimises the plastic impact upon the planet.

Clean organic cotton buds moistened with hydrogen peroxide or water can be inserted gently into the nostril to remove any dried blood and mucus.

Our swabs are sustainable, biodegradable, BPA free and organic. Bamboo is a naturally organic, water efficient crop that is 30% more effective at absorbing carbon than trees.

The buds can be disposed of in your compost bin instead of the rubbish bin.



20 individually wrapped, 100% organic cotton gauze pads for you to use after surgery. Ideally suited to absorb any blood flow from the nose and for ‘packing’ or use with warm water to gently cleanse your face. The gauze is non-adhesive and will need to be used in conjunction with the surgical tape if desired.

• Made from 100% super soft organic cotton.

• 7.5cm X 7.5cm 12ply means high absorption capacity.

• Ideal for safely and hygienically cleaning or packing wounds.

• Easy to use open peel packaging - Sterile until opened.

SURGICAL TAPE for nose job


Sometimes the nose packing comes loose and falls out. You will need this firm but soft hypo-allergenic latex-free tape to affix the sterile gauze packing in place if required. This tape adheres well, yet leaves a minimal adhesive residue upon removal.

• We always recommend that you consult with your doctor prior to replacing any dislodged packing.

• Provides additional support to dressings and packing.

• 2cm wide X 2m long.

• Hypo-allergenic adhesive - latex-free.

• Easily cut to the required length Allows air to circulate to the wound.